Individual Therapy

I provide in-person individual mental health therapy to children, adolescents, and adults in Farmington, NM. Online counseling is also available to clients throughout New Mexico and Colorado.

The Attachment and Polyvagal Theories most inform my work. Both approaches are trauma-informed. I integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Sand Tray Therapy, and Post-Traumatic Growth Somatic TherapyTM into my practice as well.

What is Sand Tray Therapy?

Sand tray therapy is based on the idea that our minds want to heal and will do so if given a safe place to process. In this practice, a client builds a scene with figures in a tray filled with sand. Clients are asked to pick figures that “call” to them instead of ones they have decided to pick consciously. This allows their unconscious mind to do most of the work. The therapist facilitates the work through creating safety and helping the client reflect on what they built.  

I love sand tray, because it does not require the person doing it to describe everything they are struggling with in their lives. Our minds and souls can heal without many words. And it is often when we dive deeper than the words that we find the most resolution to what has been bothering us.

It is also perfect for children, because they may not yet have the vocabulary to explain what they are feeling. In addition, sand tray incorporates play, which has been shown to be a key element for healing in all age groups. 

I look forward to leading you in your first sand tray session.